Oct 17th To the 18th 2014

Oct 17th in the evening…

Emma gave her second shiny Chincho the nickname ‘Gabriel II’ after her first shiny Chincho. and then gave it a Comet Shard to hold.

Then left him in the Global Trade System(AKA The Internet). asking for the legendary pokemon Xerneas in return,

Gabriel wished him good luck on his adventures. then waved goodby,

Sometime later…

Gabriel II was informed he would be meeting his new trainer soon. he was very excited,


Xerneas waited, and waited, and waited for hours for it’s new trainer to come,

It tried to be hopeful that it’s new trainer would be friendly, but it could only remember being trapped in a box for months on end by the last two.

Oct 18th in the morning…

Emma had forgotten about Gabriel II overnight, she went to offer pokemon for trade on the internet. only to find Xerneas was now hers, she was surprised and overjoyed,

Once on her team Guppy told Xerneas that it was staying. never to be traded again,

Xerneas was a little surprised. but happy to be loved so much by it’s new trainer,

And they had already become friends by nightfall, Because emma saw True Power(Of The Moon) in Xerneas,


I think of the quote: “THERE IS TRUE POWER!” from the Count Dracula boss in I Wanna Be The Guy where he throws a smaller version of the moon at you when Xerneas uses ‘Moonblast’.

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Some Future Plans?

Recently, i’ve been making a comic series by the name of;

“The Mis-Adventures of The Lad”

Where ‘The Lad’(from ‘I Wanna Be The Guy: Gaiden’). an adventurer, is in search of ‘The Guy’, a powerful man that can go to any video game series he pleases and help or destroy the lands he visits,

The current ‘Guy’ is often mistaken for still being ‘The Kid’ by anyone not from his homeland,

However, it works in his favor. as no one will attack him in attempt to become The Guy,

As for The Lad… he’s less fortunate, despite seemingly endless attempts at meeting The Guy, Each one ends in one more of meany deaths,


The Lad decides that it’s time to give up the hunt… only for The Guy to walk up to him!

They make the agreement that;

If, The Lad can withstand an on-slot of The Guys attacks for 30 min., He will become “The Assistant of The Guy”. and take on some of the tasks normally all done by The Guy,


The same day Curt G. beat ‘I Wanna Be The Guy: Gaiden’ he was involved in a car crash that put him in a coma for three months, in that time. he was left with the Cliff-Hanger; ‘The Lads hunt for The Guy continues!’

When his ‘Dream’ hunt for The Guy ended, The Guy forced him to Awaken from his slumber,

However, he will always return to the ‘Dream’ every night,


Question Time! Should i;

#1: Copy the original drawings i made and post them here

#2: Write a detailed version of my drawings (this will take much more time)

Story wise; Should Curts life slowly uncontrollably crumble around him?

Leave a comment letting me know!

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Super Meat Boy; The Review

Dear Edmond

On jun 13th. i Accepted your challenge. i beat The Light and Dark worlds,

-A Temporary Shape of Cells Known as Emma

The reason i could do that is i keep my rage at 0 or 0.5 when i’m playing video games,

I love this game! and the music too!

My favourite music; Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 Boss, Ch. 2, and 5 Light World, Ch. 4 Warp Zone(RETRO), Ch. 3, 4, and 5 Dark World, World Map Theme, Ch. 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 Dark World Map, and Ch. 6 and 7 Themes, (Hint hint. i really like the music)

The only things in this game i don’t like are; The Fans, Ze Missiles! The Flying Black Mouths, The Kamikaze Undead Meat Boys, The Evil Balloons(Oob’s), And The Magnets,

I also braved: Spikes, way to precise wall jumps involving spikes, Moving spike walls, Did i mention spikes? I don’t think i did…(Hint hint. there was a lot of spikes) Anyway, a while a go I Unlocked ‘The Kid’ From ‘I Wanna Be The Guy’! It wasn’t Fun, But well worth it. How many levels i could then beat!

He has become a luck charm, “I made it through ‘The Kid’ levels, I can make it through this.”, And he’s just Really good. i’ve even found some tricks you can do with him Because his double-jump has a high resistance to things like magnets and fans,

In level 5 – 4X (Alabaster), You can get into the room with the key in it by double-jumping under the first magnet while going left,

The level 5 – 16 (Rotgut), has Bandage Girl and a Bandage behind two magnets, You can use your double-jump to go in between them. and not only will you beat the level in two seconds, you’ll get the Bandage too!(i know i’m super cheep, i don’t caaaare.)

He’s so god-like… And So Happy And Cute! Yeah! So Happy!

I give this game 9 out of 10,

I’ll end this ‘review’ with Evil Balloons ruining my picture, Good night y’all,

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Mighty Jill Off – Review

A short game gets a short review!

I like it. for one,

For two; I don’t like that Queen. she asks to much.

For three; Jill looks so gansta when she walks or glides. X)

For four; it’s got some neat mechanics(like the glide & ‘Call Off Jump’),

You can download the game for free(no money required) here;


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The Legends of The 4 Angels of Darkness

At one point in Emma’s adventure;

The Empress of Darkness. Eve, Called down a select 4 pokemon in return for what Emma had done for her,

The first was a male Absol. Known as Pride,

The second was a male Amaura. Known as Envy,

The third was a female Litwick. Known as The Candle,

The fourth and finale was a male Meowstic from her own land. Known as Blue Baby,

Only Pride and Blue Baby live up to the name that called them back here,

Pride’s Story;

After falling to the hand’s of a Machoke on Mt. Coronet, Pride rested peacefully,

Until the 12th of dec. 2013, he heard a female voice say;

“I’m giving you a second life. Pride, but you must do some thing for me, a blonde female human is headed to Muraille Coast, I’m sending you there now. Hurry! Run like the wind!”

He appeared in the yellow flowers among his kind on route 8. and did as told,

Long after, Emma was given a stone by a friend, it was the mega stone Absolite, Emma gave the stone to the now Super Pride, and he gained a new name; Ultra Pride,

The female voice came back to him;

“You’ve done well my child, Now go! Show them all your Power!“   And so he did,

Emma deemed Ultra Pride worthy of being next to pokemon like Mewtwo and Eve in levels of power and importance, and gained one of meany titles… “Dark Lord”

Blue Baby’s Story;

On the first of jan. 2014, When Emma went to catch a male Espurr. Blue Baby remembered that she took Eve away from him. and tried to attack the girl, he was captured, but to his surprise, he was reunited with Eve, She said to him;

“I knew you’d come back, I went on a Adventure with that girl. we’ve become great friends.  :)   i’d like you to do the same. It’s Fun!”

And proved him self to be close in power to Eve,

And all of Eve’s “Children” sometimes sing a song, ‘Arceus Loves Me’

The Lyrics;

Arceus loves me, This i know,

For the Legend tells me so,

Little ones to him belong,

They are weak, But he is strong,

Yes. Arceus loves me!

Yes. Arceus loves me!

Yes. Arceus loves me!

The Legend tells so…

(Then Repeat)

The song it was based on(and it’s sung in the same way) is here;

Just re-imagine the song sung like that…

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The Legend of Guppy The Mewtwo

When i got to Pokemon Village for the first time, i didn’t notice the cave. witch is REALLY WEIRD, however,

On Jan 23 third, i DID take note of it existence. i went in and long behold, The original legendary pokemon. Mewtwo was standing before my eyes, i ran back to the pokemon center. grabbed Eve and ran back to…

“The Unknown Dungeon”

I thought ANY of Eve’s attacks would knock Mewtwo out(Eve being Lv. 100)…    So i used the Master Ball,

Then me and Mewtwo began to travel together… for a long time, it rarely laves my side,

As of a while a go; it reached Lv. 100 and learned Psystrike,

Somewhat more recently; I gained Max Friendship with it, Also. it’s named after (The Binding of)Isaac’s cat,

Oh. in case you couldn’t tell; I LOVE MEWTWO, i even have a plush Mewtwo in my room.

Fun Fact; Mewtwo’s Birthday is Feb The Second! :D

If i did notice the cave, i would have done what i did later, But Eve’s destiny bond would have been Shattered,

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Emma Talks About Pokemon!

Emma’s favorite pokemon!

Absol, Aurorus, Bellossom, Chimecho, Chandelure, Dragonair, Espeon, Flareon, Flygon, Glaceon, Gardevoir, Jolteon, Litwick & Lampent, Ledian, Lucario, Meowstic,


Oh. Mewtwo, this is one of those pokemon that will live forever in my heart, being my favorite type, being extremely powerful, and on top of all that. it strike’s fear in to the heart’s of all pokemon,

Pidgeot, Pikachu & Raichu, Phantump, Sableye, Shedinja, Skarmory, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Vileplume, Wigglytuff, Yveltal, Zapdos,

Pokemon i feel bad knocking out;

Bellossom, Cubone, Chimecho, Glaceon, Ledian(It says “oh no..”), Pikachu, Jumpluff, Kangaskhan, Marill, Shedinja,

What was i doing since completing the game?

I like to call it “Chapter 2; The Doctors Revenge!” (Chapter 1 was; “The Beginning”)

Well, in a game called ‘Super Meat Boy’ the bad guy is called ‘Doctor Fetus’ and for some raisin i wanted a male Riolu/Lucario that’s nature was lonely to nickname ‘Dr. Fetus’, i got my wish quickly,

And he took out the dragon type elite four user with ‘Dragon Pulse’ himself,

Now level 100, and best friends forever with me, The Doctors Revenge was cold. but as sweet as honey,

And i caught Mewtwo! or as i call it: ‘Guppy’

(And the Lucario wasn’t the one you get in The Tower of Mastery)

Chapter 3; “You’ll be friends forever with Guppy!”

Will be up at some point…  :-/

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A Destiny Bond

(In The Binding of Isaac)

The first alternate i unlocked was ‘Eve’, she is one of the best to play as. at lest for me, here’s how i beat ‘Mom’ for the first time;

Running low on red hearts, i tried to find some but i died… but i had a 1up! and with that. i remained silent till i entered the boss room and… i killed ‘Mom’, and recently i’ve beaten Satin. Isaac. and Blue Baby,

(In Pokemon Y)

When i first saw Meowstic i liked the look of them,

And on Dec 28, 2013. i met a female Meowstic that is Impish and Loves to eat at Level 11 on Route 6,

She stayed by my side from Route 6 to The Former Champion of Kalos, and was only Lv. 68 at the time(but Lv. 100 now >:) ), And i will remember our Maximum Friendship for ever and ever, :)

Now here’s where the Destiny Bond part comes in

I beat both games for the first time with them, However!

When i beat Satin, i had one half of a sole heart left,

Not long after…

I was having a Double-Battle in The Battle Maison, Eve survived with 6 HP and the last pokemon left was… Paralyzed! it couldn’t move! and Eve lived and won the battle, and i said; “I SHALL NOT FALL!!”

Though it’s strange that they HAVE A Destiny Bond like this…

By the way……..    I HAVE “FATE” IN MY COLLECTION,

“Fate” is the rarest item in The Binding of Isaac and it’s keeping “Platinum God” away from lots of people,

And i’ve found it… four times, the first and second with Eve… on the same day,   o___O

And that’s my luck in Isaac in a nutshell,

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Minecraft = Real Life

“But emma!” you say. “There’s 4 meter wide spiders and zombies!”

That’s not what i’m talking about,

It’s like real life because what keeps you alive in the game. in the same situation in real life would keep you alive,

The way i look at situation you find you self in is this;

MEANY(some random no. here) years in the future; the almost all life on earth is wiped out, and the only humans left are in space. so one(if on server: that no. of players) human is sent down(as a test was done with some chickens. cows. pigs. and sheeps.) and that human… is you,

And Herobrine… he’s a ghost of some one left behind,

But, if you found your self all alone. and you didn’t know where you where. you’d be making tools to cut wood and mine stone to make a house and for hunting, right?

And C418′s music is your character remembering the music it used to hear,

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Surgeon Sim Gide: Heart Transplant

#1: Throw away the mug. then knock over the round saw to the left and then grab it,

#2: Now gently saw off the sides of the ribs(sawing the middle is pointless),

#3: Now get the lungs out(nobody uses them anyway),

#4: Now get a scalpel and cut out the heart(fun fact; you don’t need to cut out the stomach),

#5: Replace the old heart with the new one!


Never use the drill.

NEVER EVER use the blue needle on bob!

Don’t use the laser.

Don’t use the tomahawk.

Don’t be mean to poor bob, that’s so rude!

The lungs and having more then half his blood aren’t important.

“And it was going so well…     A brutal murder achieved in a mere 15 seconds” Surrrrrrrrre.

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